Sydney Mei Erlbaum


We met our baby girl Sydney last Thursday on May 18, 2017. Just like her brother Noah she caught us by surprise and came even earlier the he did at 36 weeks and 6 days.

My heart feels like it has expanded ten times and it's so surreal that we are now a family of four. Been waiting for this baby girl for so long and couldn't be more in love and happy that she's finally here



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We decided to squeeze a last minute weekend trip to Monterey before the baby comes and I'm so glad we did.

We made our first trip a couple years ago to Monterey and Big Sur but Taylor and I started watching Big Little Lies on HBO which made Monterey a mysterious and intriguing place to visit again.

My doctor has been really strict on not traveling this pregnancy so though it wasn't too far from home it was great to just get a change of scenery.


Sunny Spring Weekend

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We got a break from the rain this weekend so we made sure to pack our time with sun filled activities like a visit to the farmers market, orchard, and nursery to get some plants on our back patio. We stuffed our stomaches full with pupusas and fresh organic strawberries; and I got to leave the nursery with a trunk full of flowers so it was a pretty fantastic weekend in my book!


18 Months

Noah Happy Hollow (10 of 25)
Noah Happy Hollow (8 of 25)

Noah at 18 months has been a non stop bundle of energy. My favorite part about this stage is watching him discover things with so much joy, wonder and curiosity. The cutest things are definitely his run-hugs, belly laughs, involuntary dance moves and whenever he lets me hold his hand when he's walking.

Another sweet part of this phase has been watching Taylor and Noah develop a special bond and see Noah adore his dad so much and want to be around him 24/7.

Coming up on 30 weeks of pregnancy this week and feeling totally sick of being pregnant.  However, trying to treasure the sleep while we have it still and enjoy this time with just the three of us.   Excited that Noah is going to have a little sister soon!